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Interview on German GOs with Nils Kompe, Lichtblick

Tuesday, 07 January 2020

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Nils Kompe is the Head of Power Portfolio Management at Lichtblick SE, and has been that since January 2012. His work primarily revolves around Power & GoO Procurement, Private & Business Costumer Pricing, and Product Development.

In the following interview, we asked Nils for his thoughts on trends and preferences in the German GO market.

There is a disconnect between people’s willingness to pay for renewables and actual number of people buying renewable electricity. What are the ways to minimize this gap?

To bring more transparency within the green energy market in Germany. The consumers, who have chosen a green power product, are aiming for additionality and an extraordinary engagement for sustainability of its power supplier. So, our challenge is to make it even more clear, what kind of impact t...

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