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COVID-19 and impact on GO market

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had profound negative influence on all markets including the GO market, as the number of cases in Europe has increased dramatically from under 1000 in late February, to well over 60000 as of today. Major GO players such as Italy, Norway, France and Germany have all surpassed the 1000 case threshold.

Specific to GO markets, we see a general lack of interest from participants as efforts and attention are understandably diverted elsewhere now. We see markets and individuals are adjusting to a new paradigm - where people are working in isolation and are focusing on more immediate concerns. It would be expected that there be a transition period, where routines and procedures are established which would counteract some of the uncertainty we are seeing right now.

As with other markets, we may see some companies attempting to liquidate their GOs positions causing some volatility. However, historic precedent s...

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