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UK Grid: Households to be paid for green electricity use

Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Due to COVID-19 related lockdowns, the UK has experienced low energy demands by 10-15% and coupled with favourable weather conditions that caused surges in wind and solar generation has caused the lowest UK electricity prices in 10 years. The wholesale price of electricity in the UK power markets fell to £28/MWh last week. Additionally, households are now earning money from green electricity surges even during the day time, a trend that was normally only possible overnight.

Energy suppliers offer flexible time-of-use tariffs to allow customers to benefit from negative electricity prices by being paid for using electricity that would have otherwise been dumped. Customers of Octopus Energy's 'Agile Octopus' tariff earned between 0.22p-3.3p/kWh for elec...

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