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GO market information for stakeholders - OMC

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Every year the AIB (Association for Issuing Bodies) and RECS International discuss the latest market developments together with stakeholders at the OMC. For the first time, a recording of the event is available online. 

This year, important topics such as the extended GO system for renewable gases (e.g. biomethane and hydrogen) were discussed.

The topic received widespread attention in the industry since renewable gases will play an essential role in European decarbonization efforts. This is for instance, as the carbon footprint from natural gas consumption in the industry and transportation sectors can be significantly reduced by substituting natural gas with its sustainable counterpart - biomethane. 

With the implementation of RED2 (Renewable Energy Directive) in 2021, a GO system for renewable gases will be established, which will facilitate the cross-border trade of green attributes of gaseous energy carriers. 

Currently, several workin...

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