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AIB 2020 Statistics - breakdown by technology

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Important Note: Statistics reported here are solely for Renewable Energy GOs.

Overview of Statistics

According to recent statistics from the AIB, the supply of renewable Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe reached new peaks increasing by 17% to over 760 TWh of issued renewable GOs in  2020. Meanwhile, demand also rose to more than 730 TWh of cancelled renewable GOs.

While hydropower continues to be the most frequently issued technology GO, we can see that supply and demand for Wind and Solar GOs are fast on the rise.  The supply of GOs from Wind technology showed the most growth rising by 28% when compared to figures from 2019 while the demand for Wind GOs grew by 23%. 

As the share of other renewable GOs (e.g. Wind and Solar) increases, the share of the supply of Hydropower GO decreases, and this is seen as the share of issued Hydro GOs in 2020 decreased by 2% when compared to 2019.

GO price overview

After record-high GO prices in 2018 and early 2019, GO prices for some products dropped significantly to under 1 Euro/MWh. Popular GO products like the Nordic Hydro GO and EU Wind GOs consistently traded below 50 Eurocents/MWh after January 2020. An in-depth Analysis of Wind and Hydro spreads is available to Greenfact platform subscribers. For access to this and updated GO prices and analysis contact info@greenfact.com.

A further breakdown of the recent AIB statistics in terms of key countries will follow soon.