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64 GW of coal capacity closed in the past two years, bringing hope for climate progress

Thursday, 23 March 2017

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World-wide drop in 2016 of development of coal power capacity gives hope for the Paris climate accord, three environmental groups’ mutual report says. Changing economic conditions and policy in China and India are the reasons behind the new optimism.

Coal Swarm, Sierra Club and Greenpeace are behind the report Boom and Bust 2017: Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipeline. Never have so many coal power plants shut down; 64 GW retired in the past two years, mainly in Europe and the United States. This number represents close to 120 large coal power units.

Further, 68 GW of coal power construction is on hold in China and India alone. All stages of coal plant development plummeted last year, from pre-constructi...

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