Greenfact Store FAQ

What is the Greenfact Store?

Greenfact offers the most comprehensive collection of reports on the Guarantees of Origin markets. Some of these reports will be made available for sale via Greenfact store for instant download (files sent via email).

Who produces our reports?

We have a team of experienced analysts providing insights for the Green certificate markets.

How are the reports priced?

The price depends on various factors which may be the length of the report, availability of information, the time consumed to conduct the research (e.g. internal database, contact with organisations and companies).

Do you offer discounts to academics?

Reports are not discounted, but we have other special arrangements for academics. Please use our website’s Contact us function. Kindly fill in the form and click on Submit.

What type of formats do the reports come in?

All the reports come as .pdf file, and related data in CSV or XLSX format.

May I share information from the reports with third parties?

The report to be used for internal business purposes only. Please contact us should you wish to use some of the information or a chart from the report for a third party. It is not allowed to share information from our reports with any third parties without written consent from Greenfact. Please use our website’s Contact us function for such consent.

Who should I contact if I have a question about the report?

Please use our website’s Contact us function. Kindly fill in the form and click on Submit.

Can I have the report presented to me and my colleagues online?

We can present the report via online conference at an additional cost.

How do I order online?

Select the report you wish to purchase and click the buy now button. Enter your company email address and credit card details prior to clicking Pay.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa and Mastercard for online payment.

Can I pay via invoice?

You can use our website’s Contact us function to make an order and request to pay via invoice.

How swift will I receive the report?

You will receive the report on your email shortly after clicking Pay.

Is tax added to my order?

Local tax (25%) added for Norwegian companies. Depending on your location, VAT is included for orders delivered to countries in which VAT is assessed.

Will I receive a receipt for my procurement?

Our back office will get a notification once you have received the report and they will be in touch to provide you with a receipt or invoice.

Is my purchase process secure?

All transactions are securely managed by Stripe.