Greece becomes member of AIB

Tuesday, 03 December 2019

AIB has announced that Greece has been accepted as member of the AIB.  Membership in the AIB allows for GOs from Greece to be recognized in other AIB member countries, and vice versa. Greece is expected to be connected to AIB Hub and start activity in 2020. 

DAPEEP has been appointed as the register of Guarantees of Origin (GO) for electricity generated from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Greece produces around 9 TWh of renewable electricity every year, out of which 5.3 TWh of GOs were issued in 2018.

Compared to issuance, cancellations for proof of origin account for only 1.25 TWh. Subsequently, Greece has a potential to export 4-8 TWh from next year, depending on the increase in GO issuance percentage.